Baby Tarpon on fly "The Trail: A-Z"

Baby Tarpon on fly "The Trail: A-Z"

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December 29, 2023
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A destination is point A to B. This film is about what happens when you pull off the road and search for point Z. Our first Spooled Reels film is filled with beautiful landscape and wildlife shots of the Florida Everglades. Follow our short adventure to film the famous Baby Tarpon on the side of the Tamiami Trail. Check it out to see baby Tarpon fly through the air at over 240 frames per second in cinematic beauty.

Music composed by:

Luke Neumann
• Orchestra #33
• Drone #1
• First Person Extracted
• Percussion #4

Christopher Helt
• Morning Light
• Things just got Digital!
• Bobble Head

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By: SpooledReels
Title: Baby Tarpon on fly "The Trail: A-Z"
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